Puff2Play™, developed by Sonokids, enables children to control the ePlayground with their breath. By blowing, children can produce a very controllable “sound”, which is applied to the game-controls.

A regular simple computer microphone can be used for Puff2Play™.
After you turn on the Puff2Play™ mode by clicking on the Turn-Puff2Play™-on button you have to click “allow” to allow the controls access to your microphone.

Puff2Play in Mouse and keyboard ePlayground

If you select to play in the Mouse and keyboard ePlayground, there are two games which can be set into a Puff2Play mode: IbisBuster and Roo Hill Thrill.
After entering the games, go to the Settings panel to switch on Puff2Play.
For full instructions please go to the Mouse and keyboard ePlayground.

Puff2Play in Automatic scanning ePlayground

In the Automatic scanning ePlayground, Puff2Play is fully operational. Instead of a switch, a microphone can be used by switching on Puff2Play in the Settings panel on the island map. Children can then navigate around the island map and its actions and also play all games by giving a short “puff” of breath into the microphone. Puff2Play can also be switched on or off in specific games via each game's control panel.
You can adjust the microphone input if necessary, so that regular breathing in the microphone will not trigger an action, only a “puff”.

For full instructions please go to the Automatic scanning ePlayground.

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