Interactive whiteboard

The ePlayground is perfect for use with an interactive whiteboard in the classroom.
All games are activated with a mouse-click or by touching the projected ePlayground on the screen, meaning the whiteboard acts like a huge touchscreen. It enables students to play and interact with each other while playing in the ePlayground. If the screen is flexible in height, children in a wheelchair can access it more easily as well.


Read descriptions of each level aloud to students before they play IbisBuster on the whiteboard. It will enhance the impact of sounds used in the game, such as the footsteps over shells.

To play IbisBuster on the whiteboard you need to use the virtual keyboard of the whiteboard.

To make the game fit the screen, it is advised changing the screen resolution of the computer attached to the projector and not to use the zoom function. Alternatively, a smaller-sized ePlayground is available for use with an interactive whiteboard from the following links:


Play a group game of Memory, with students taking turns on the whiteboard. Students could have another turn if they find a matching pair.


TrixMix can be used as a tool to support and enhance mobility skills while having fun and making music.

Roo Hill Thrill

Roo Hill Thrill has its own “virtual keyboard” integrated into it. It will show up at the bottom of the screen and can easily be accessed.

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