Automatic scanning ePlayground

Welcome to the automatic scanning version of the All Abilities ePlayground - an online space offering fun and games for children of all abilities.

The ePlayground itself resembles an island map. The island's entertaining actions, as well as its four games, are automatically scanned and can all be accessed with:

Your game mate BuddyFly will talk you through the ePlayground.

Click on Go to the ePlayground and login to go to the entry page and load the program.

Click here to read and PRINT the general and game instructions.


The ePlayground features four games: IbisBuster, Memory, TrixMix and Roo Hill Thrill.


IbisBuster is an adventure game.
Collect different “good things” and “shoo” Iris the ibis who tries to steal them.

More IbisBuster instructions


Memory is a puzzle-type game with sounds and images.
Find the matching pairs.

More Memory instructions


TrixMix is a creative game with music and images.
Mix and record musical sounds to a set beat and then replay your own musical remix.
TrixMix' animated images also provide visual stimulation for children with a hearing impairment.

More Trix Mix instructions

Visit the Trix Mix Hall of Fame

Roo Hill Thrill

Roo Hill Thrill is an action game in a fantasy setting.
Go kangaroo! Surf over green hills and steer clear of beach balls.

More Roo Hill Thrill instructions

View Roo Hill Thrill Hi-scores

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